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These Challenger 2 markings are a result of a few years of research and accumulated data. While a few of the marking options have been produced previously, greater effort has been put forth in making them more accurate in the form of correct registration numbers, other markings and so forth. Emphasis was in making sure the vehicle registration numbers (VRN) of each tank checks out with the real vehicles which previously was impossible to ascertain. Thanks to various sources and modeller friends, Echelon were able to put the puzzle pieces together to form a complete picture of every tank featured in this set.

On top of that, this set tries to cover all the emblems used by 2nd RTR during the operation with their respective representative vehicles. The first squadron (BADGER) used a "badger head" for very obvious reasons. The second squadron (CYCLOPS) used the "eye". The third squadron (EGYPT), utilised a "scorpion" which was very rarely seen. And lastly, but not the final, was the fourth squadron (FALCON), identified by the "falcon heads" emblazoned on the turret sides. The "falcon head" was captured from a really good close-up image - it actually has a red eye, which is of course reflected on the decals. The "Red Jerboah" came in two sizes, and also mirrored.

One of the proudest (and also the toughest) part of this set are the vehicle registration numbers, which were always under a heavy coat of dust or obscured from view during the initial stages of the war. A few secondary sources were found which traced down the VRNs of all the vehicles featured here. Not only that, the font styles of the VRNs were also accurately captured. That means efforts for future Challenger 2 sets to come can be further minimised if the same styles were used.

T35010 British Challenger 2s in Operation Telic (2nd RTR)

SKU: T35010
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