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Please note this is a FULL KIT, NOT a conversion.

This kit is offered with BGTI sights. However, some Plasan Scimitars were equipped with the earlier ESPIRE sights.
These are available as a separate set - see below.

CK3530 CVR(T) Scimitar Plasan, BGTI

‘Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance, Full-Tracked, Scimitar, Diesel, Mine and Ballistic Protected, 30 mm Gun, Bowman, BGTI’ – to give it the official designation which is a bit of a mouthful!

In preparation for Operation Telic (Gulf War 2, March 2003), underbelly mine protection was introduced across the CVR(T) family. By this time, all Scimitars had already gone through the LEP conversion (CK3517) to Cummins diesel power with sights upgraded to either ESPIRE (CK3516), or BGTI (CK3518) in the majority of cases, as well as Bowman radio (CK3519). The underbelly mine protection (SMM3529) was the first step in improving the vehicle’s protection which later included the introduction of the Israeli-developed perforated armour from the Plasan company.

This is the first combi-kit from HKCW and SMM which includes most of the above-mentioned sets (ESPIRE not included) from both companies – including the improved Scimitar turret (CK3522) – plus a completely new PE Plasan set designed by Tetra Model Works, additional SMM resin fittings, plus parts from the AFV Club Scimitar kit – all in one box.

Reference images can be found on the website here:

CK3530 instructions1
CK3530 instructions5
CK3530 instructions6
CK3530 instructions7
CK3530 instructions8
CK3530 instructions9
CK3530 instructions11
CK3530 instructions10
CK3530 instructions12
CK3516 ESPIRE Sights

ESPIRE was originally fitted to petrol-engined vehicles with Clansman radio (for example, serving in Bosnia with IFOR, 1995–96). Clansman was still fitted to vehicles after the LEP upgrade. Clansman was replaced by Bowman radio from 2004 (HKCW CK3519 set) when ESPIRE was still in use.

This set is intended for use with the HKCW CK3522 Scimitar Replacement Turret, but can easily be adapted to the AFV Club kit.

CK3518 BGTI Sights

BGTI (Battle Group Thermal Imaging) is a second generation thermal imaging system which delivers a day/night operating capability with enhanced detection, recognition and identification of targets in poor visibility. It is fitted to close-reconnaissance Scimitars.

This set is intended for use with the HKCW CK3522 Scimitar Replacement Turret, but can easily be adapted to the AFV Club kit.

CK3519 Bowman Radio Box

Bowman replaced the previous Clansman series of radios in British military vehicles and other applications, starting in 2004. Because of a lack of space inside the Scimitar turret, the equipment is mounted in a box outside the turret.

This set provides turned brass masts with real spring bases.


This set is intended for use with the HKCW CK3522 Scimitar Replacement Turret, but can easily be adapted to the AFV Club kit.

1 CK3522 Scimitar Turret label.jpg
CK3522 Scimitar Replacement Turret


HKCW                      AFV Club

As requested by many modellers to have a more accurate turret for the CVR(T), our master builder has built one with the use of accurate measurements. We can now share with YOU an accurately-shaped replacement turret. Because of the change of angles, the turret boxes and antennae mounts have also been reworked, and the mantlet has more detail.

CK3523 Scorpion Turret label.jpg
CK3523 Scorpion Replacement Turret
CK3517 Scimitar LEP
Hull Conversion

This is a conversion set to model the LEP (Life Extension Programme) hull for Scimitar, based on the AFV Club kit. The major part of the upgrade was the replacement of the Jaguar 4.2-litre petrol engine by a more fuel-efficient Cummins BTA 5.9 diesel engine.

CK3517 LEP hull label
The Falkland Conversion

35th Aniversary of the Falkland Campaign

We are very happy to add this set to our catalogue. This has never been available from anywhere before. It allows you to build any of the four Scorpions or four Scimitars that took part in the recapture of the Falkland Islands in 1982.

This conversion is designed to be used with either of the HKCW Backdate Sets. Therefore, for the full Falkland conversion you will need:
Falkland Conversion Set

Scorpion or Scimitar Backdate set CK3504
or CK3505.

If you don’t go for the full HKCW backdate set (float screens and exhaust not necessary), then customise from SMM 3509, 3510, 3511, 3513.


Also recommended:

AF35290    AFV Club Early Tracks

SMM3514  Synthetic Tow Ropes

SMM3527  Clansman Antennae

SMM3536  Replacement Rear Hull Bin

CK3515 Falkland label
The Real Thing

Reference photos can be found here.

Scorpion and Scimitar backdates sets

With the successful introduction of the CK3503 CVR(T) Scorpion and Scimitar Backdate set, we found that the conversion was more specific to the Scorpion than the Scimitar. The most obvious change, of course, is the 76mm gun barrel of the Scorpion instead of the Scimitar’s 30mm Rarden gun. Therefore, it has been decided that it would be more correct to take the first conversion set (CK3503) out of production.

We can now introduce a more specific CK3504 CVR(T) Scorpion Backdate as well as a new CK3505 CVR(T) Scimitar Backdate.


General changes for both sets are as follows:

The lower hull/suspension are basically identical with the exception that the plain dished sprockets (SF and SR) will no longer be included for the reason that, although they had additional inner rubber tyres, these were hardly noticeable. More importantly, the sprocket teeth were not strong enough in resin and were easily damaged.

A new resin BCF fire extinguisher replaces the more modern extinguisher supplied by AFV Club (kit part D8) on the hull.

The exhaust pipe extension now has two alternatives with upward and downward bends. These pipes were used to direct exhaust gases upwards when the screen was raised and could be clipped in with the bend facing upwards or downwards when not in use. Only the upwards bend was supplied in the original CK3503.

CK3505 label
CK3504 label
The Scorpion set:

In this set we have replaced the fully covered wading screens with partially covered screens. What seemed more common on service Scorpions were uncovered screens with just the front portion still covered. This was to prevent the blast from the Scorpion’s 76mm gun disturbing and damaging the forward part of the screen.

The Scimitar set:

The most noticeable changes from Scorpion to Scimitar are on the turret. The most obvious is the replacement of the 30mm Rarden gun (with a canvas cover) in place of the 76 mm barrel. There is no photographic evidence showing Scimitars with 3-barrel smoke dischargers, so the 4-barrel smoke discharger included in the kit are used.

So what is new with the Scimitar conversion set? Scimitars generally had fully-uncovered wading screens, so these are now included.

The first-aid kit box was no longer carried outside, so it has been deleted from this set.

Sprue E from the AFV Club Scorpion kit (AF35S02) is now provided to give the modeller the narrower and longer LHS hull bin, the rectangular rear turret bin, and the commander’s sight without the OTIS mount on top, none of which are included the AFV Club Scimitar kit.

In addition, an extra resin smoke grenade box (AFV Club kit part B1) is provided as another one could sometimes be found on the left face of the turret.

Scorpion Hong Kong Decals

HKCW 3501  Hong Kong Scorpion Decals
This decal sheet is a supplement to the one provided in the AFV Club kit to provide markings for Scorpion stationed in Hong Kong in 1970s.
Two Regimental (Arms of Service) markings appeared on the front:
2 Regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps

48th Gurkha Infantry Brigade.

3501 instructions

More detailed notes of the evolution of changes for Scorpion and Scimitar can be found here.


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