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FC Model Trend

Building these tracks

The tracks are interesting in that they come in basically two complete lengths of 3D-printed material. Like resin tracks, the lengths can be warmed up in hot tap water and bent to shape. However, the best way to get around the tight curves of the sprocket and idler (and around the front and rear roadwheels) is to actually snap off single links which the 3D printing allows you to do, and then glue them back together. around the wheels. Obviously these are NOT workable tracks, but who needs those anyway? It is a very novel solution and, I think, quite successful.

For the sprockets and idlers, and the first and last roadwheels, you will have to snap off individual links. Start at the sprocket with individual links, then a short straight to the bottom of the first roadwheel and two individual links. Then a straight length at the bottom. Repeat at the rear end. Finally gently heat the sag to fill the top run. Use hot tap water - not boiling!


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