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Plasan Scimitar

Reference to support the HKCW CK3530 combi-kit

Operation Telic,  'side kirts' and wire cutters

Scimitars operating in Gulf War 2 (Operation Telic) were fitted with ESPIRE sights (CK3516).
Also note the lower side armour alongside the driver's compartment. The postion of the Plasan on the backing plate varied quite a bit.

The wire cutters during Telic were improvised by local workshops.

Thanks to Carl Schultze and internet for the photos.

Later Service

The majority of Plasan Scimitars were equipped with BGTI sights (CK3518), though some still have ESPIRE.

The wire cutters (when fitted) were now a standard pattern. The turret cutters are more frequently seen than the hull cutter.

Thanks to Andy Brend,  Sebastian Kreutzkamp, Martyn Smith and Bob Wood for the photos, plus internet sources. Please contact us if any belong to you.

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