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SMM Scorpion 90
has arrived –
The Trio is Complete

The first was the Venezuelan version which is now followed by the Indonesian version The Malaysian version now completes the series.


These are conversion sets to model the 90 mm-armed export version of Scorpion, all based on the AFV Club kit.

For the export market Alvis fitted Scorpion with a Belgian-designed 90 mm Cockerill gun. Firing high efficiency ammunition, it offered performance very close to 105 mm guns fitted to heavier vehicles. The turret of the Scorpion 90 was designated the AC90 and was almost identical to that fitted to the basic vehicle.

The 90 mm gun had an elevation of +30° and a depression of -8°, almost the same as the basic Scorpion. The turret is equipped with fully stabilised day/night (thermal) gunner’s sight with laser rangefinder, and a ballistic computer for firing on the move and at moving targets. Scorpion 90 carried 34 main ammunition rounds (normal Scorpion carried 40 rounds of 76 mm ammunition).


Malaysia ordered 26 Scorpion 90s fitted with Perkins diesel engines, the first customer for the vehicle, noticeable by the multi-baffle muzzle brake. Production commenced in 1982. The tanks had German76 mm Wegmann smoke/fragmentation grenade dischargers fitted to give 360° coverage. They served with the Armoured Squadron of the 10th Para Brigade. They underwent a Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP) and further upgrades from 2007 to 2011. The Army decided to retire the vehicle at the end of 2018.This conversion uses 3D-printed parts, hence the extra cost compared to the Indonesian and Venezuelan conversion sets.

In mid-1988, Venezuela placed an order with Alvis for the supply of an undisclosed number (believed to be 50) of Scorpion 90. The first vehicles were completed late in 1989 and deliveries were completed in 1992.

Early in 1995, Indonesia placed a contract with Alvis for the supply of Scorpion 90s and Stormer APCs. Late in 1996, Alvis Vehicles then won a second contract for the supply of about 50 members of the Scorpion family. They are believed to have operated 90 Scorpions plus other members of the CVR(T) family.

Indonesian and Venezuelan Scorpion 90s were fitted with Stormer tracks with chevron-shaped shoes. These are available from the FCM page.

Indonesian Scorpion 90 decals are available from this Star Decals page. Venezuelan and Malaysian Scorpion 90 decals are available from this Star Decals page.

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SPOTLIGHT reference for Venezualan Scorpion 90s is on this page.


SPOTLIGHT reference for Indonesian Scorpion 90s is on this page.

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