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Challenger Training Tank (CTT)

This is the original Challenger Training Tanks based on the Challenger 1 chassis.
17 were built as the first ever purpose-built training tanks for the British Army
Photos courtesy of Paul Gandy and Michael Shackleton.

Challenger Driver Training Tank (DTT) Part 1

Challenger 2 also had its own dedicated Driver Training Tank built from new, with 22 being built.
The best way to identify the DTT from the CTT, if they are not wearing skirts, is by the characteristic drive sprocket, or the fact that the DTT carried a basket behind the cab. The CTT did not.
Photos courtesy of Andy Brend, Peter Robinson, NTG and Michael Shackleton.

Challenger Driver Training Tank (DTT) Part 2

Several more DTTs were later built using existing MBT hulls with the original DTT cabs added. These replaced the original DTTs which had seen a hard life.
At least eighteen have been converted. The only way of identifying these particular DTTs is by knowing their serial numbers (ARNs).
Photos courtesy of Andy Brent, Andrew Dace and NTG.

These images are from various internet sources. Even though sources have been checked, please contact us if you think any belong to you.

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