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Late-Hull Centurion Sets

With these Late-Hull Centurion sets, SMM have decided to do something a little different.

Instead of producing six main kits for the six main marks of late hull Centurions (7/8/9/10/12/13), I have split it all down into separate sets.  

With 13 sub-marks amongst them, six big sets would have meant a lot of duplicate resin being supplied - not all of it being used.

There are a lot of sets, so it will seem a little mind-boggling at first. However, I hope the Master Plan below will clarify the situation . Better something visual than a convoluted table listing everything.

You, the customer can decide exactly what you need by mixing and matching, without wasting your money.

You will notice that Mk.11 is missing and not noted anywhere. This was an upgraded Mk.6, so both have the original hull as depicted by AFV Club. However, some of these new sets will still be appropriate to build a Mk.11.

I have done a simple table to try to explain the evolution of the different marks. This can be found here.

SMM3541C labels.jpg
SMM3541D labels.jpg
SMM3541E labels.jpg
SMM3552A labels.jpg
SMM3552B labels.jpg
SMM3552C labels.jpg
SMM3552D labels.jpg
SMM3552E labels.jpg
SMM3552F labels.jpg
SMM3552G labels.jpg
SMM3552H labels.jpg
SMM3552J labels.jpg
SMM3552K labels.jpg
SMM3552L labels.jpg
SMM3552M labels.jpg
SMM3552N labels.jpg
SMM3552R labels.jpg
SMM3552S labels.jpg
SMM3552V labels.jpg
SMM3552X labels.jpg
SMM3552P1 labels.jpg
SMM3552P2 labels.jpg
What Goes Where?
Overall instructions.jpg
SMM3552Y labels.jpg
SMM3552U labels.jpg
SMM3552Q labels.jpg
Best Kits to Use
Best kits.png

I have done my best to find the correct information for these Centurion sets. I have no doubt that there may be mistakes.
If you have any comments or corrections, please let me know here.

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