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This set backdates the AFV Club Centurion Mk.3.
Mk.1 and 2 Centurions differed from the later marks in having a ‘long hull’.
The rear hull overhang was shortened by the time of the first large-scale production Centurion, the Mk.3.
Why a Mk.3 ‘Long Hull’? 135 Centurion Mk.2s were built. All of these were later converted to Mk.3 gun tanks with the new 20-pounder. Later, 57 of these were converted to Centurion ARV Mk.2, with the ‘long hull’ and ribbed deck. This left 78 Mk.3 gun tanks that retained the ‘Long Hull’, the subject of this set.
All Mk.2s and a large number of Mk.3s were built with 3-hole road wheels (SMM3553W).

SMM3553D Centurion Mk.3 Long Hull Conversion

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