This is a conversion set to update the Takom FV432 M.2/1 w/interior (kit no. 2066) into a Mk.3.

(Also FV432 Mk.2/1 later equipped with Bowman)

In early 2002, BAE Land Systems developed the Mk.3 with a new powerpack consisting of a Cummins B-series, six-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel engine developing 250 hp, coupled to an Allison X200-4C fully-automatic, electronically-controlled transmission, plus a new cooling system. The new powerpack is more compact and lighter, giving the vehicle a greater operating range, higher top speed and greater acceleration. The driver’s old tillers were replaced with a modern steering yoke for ease of operations. Overall, the Mk.3 is some 500 kg lighter.

The first Mk.3s were delivered to the British Army in June 2006. In early 2006, a contract was awarded for 500 upgraded FV432s. Up to 900 FV432-family vehicles have been converted in total.

The Mk.3 is fitted with the General Dynamics UK Bowman digital communications system.

A total of 124 (54 plus 70) FV432 vehicles were upgraded with additional armour protection for higher battlefield survivability – as represented in Takom’s Mk.3 Bulldog (kit no. 2067). This kit is NOT suitable for this conversion as it has no interior.

SMM3537 FV432 Mk.3 Conversion Set

SKU: SMM3537
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