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The No.19 Wireless Set was a Second World War mobile radio transceiver used by armoured troops of the British Army. Introduced in 1940, No.19 was not replaced until the introduction of the Larkspur radio system, starting in the mid-50s. Many were still in service into the 1960s.
Although shown fitted to the Airfix Ferret, this wireless has many applications in British and Commonwealth vehicles of all kinds. Use in combination with SMM3566B No.19 Antennae Mounts.
Parts list (3D-printed)
1    Wireless set combined with No.88 Wireless and Antenna Tuner
2    Wireless cage
Magnifying glass or headband is recommended to carefully snip the supports.

Wireless can be found in vehicle without the cage.A photo-etch cage can be found in the SMM3564L Interior set. Antennae and antennae mounts to go with this wireless are in the SMM3566B set.

SMM3566A No.19 Wireless Set

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