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(3D-printed, 2 planks supplied)
Marston Mat, popularly called pierced (or perforated) steel planking (PSP), is a standardised, perforated steel matting material developed in the USA shortly before World War 2, primarily designed for the rapid construction of temporary runways and landing strips. PSP was widely used in the British Army on many different wheeled vehicles.


Please bear in mind that PSP was NOT designed for Ferret, and vice versa. The holes in the matting were incorrectly spaced for the sand channel mounts fitted as standard to Ferret. Units and crews therefore had to ‘adapt’ the holes to fit the mounts. Check your own references.


The PSP in this set is 6-feet wide – the width of the Ferret. However, as you can see, it was often cut to narrower widths, normlly between the sidelights. Carefully cut the resin parts to suit your own model.

SMM3564Q PSP Matting

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