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For the Airfix Ferret kit

There are a lot of problems with the Airfix Ferret kit, some of which can be helped with better detail parts. This set gives you more accurate wall thicknesses for the hatches, better extinguishers, a much improved shovel and exhaust, and a solution for the kit blobs that represent the tie-down mushrooms around the hull top.
This set, of course, can be used with the SMM3564T Ferret Mk.2/1 Turret Set, as well as further options from SMM for the other Ferret marks.


1    Jerrican handle
2    Fuel jerrican (supplied but not featured)
3    Water jerrican (supplied but not featured)
4    Antennae mounts L and R (2)
5    Rear superstructure lift eyes
6    Canvas tie-down ‘mushrooms’ (10 + 4 spares)
7    MG depression bar
8    Shovel
9    Wing mirrors – left/right
10    Exhuast inlet pipe
11    Exhaust fishtail
12    Late, BCF fire extinguishers (2)
13    Early, water fire extinguishers (2)
14    Drivers visor inner (14I) AND outer (14O)
15    Rear visors, front, left/right
16    Driver’s visors, left/right
17    Rear reflectors (2 supplied)
A    Exhaust shield
B    Exhaust mesh
C    Rear mudguards supports
D    Belt buckles (12)
E    Jerrican support

SMM3564J Ferret Basic Detail Set

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