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Ferret Mk.1 was the basic, open-topped, liason vehicle of the Ferret family. Originally armed with a Bren Gun, later a .30 cal Browning and, finally, a GPMG.
Parts list
26    Hull roof plate, Mk.1
29    Stowage clip
31    Mk.1 Bren mount front and rear
33    Mk.1 front .30 cal + GPMG
34    Mk.1 rear Bren + .30 cal + GPMG
35    Front mount Bren and .30 cal


This set forms the basis for any unarmed Mk.1.

Please be aware that any correction to this roof is a compromise due to the overt thickness of the Airfix kit walls.

SMM3564A Ferret Mk.1 Basic Set

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