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For Tamiya kit. This is the first in a series of  upgrade sets to correct and detail the old Tamiya Chieftain kit for Mks.1 to 9 (excluding Mk.4), ie. all of the non-Stillbrew Chieftains. With Takom having stopped production of their Chieftains, the Meng Mk.10 kit is the only other option.
The Tamiya kit is basically a good one, but it has it's own inaccuracies. It is in plentiful supply and is very cheap.

1 Idler crank (2)

2F Idler wheel, outer (2)

2R Idler wheel, inner (2)

3F Roadwheel, outer (12)

3R Roadwheel, inner (12)

3H Roadwheel hub (12)

4 Axle covers (12)

5 Mounting plates (6)

6 Sprocket, outer (2)

SMM3560W Chieftain Running Gear Upgrade

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