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For Tamiya kit. This is the first in a series of upgrade sets to correct and detail the old Tamiya Chieftain kit for Mks.1 to 9 (excluding Mk.4), ie. all of the non-Stillbrew Chieftains. With Takom having stopped production of their Chieftains, the Meng Mk.10 kit is the only other option.

The Tamiya kit is basically a good one, but it has it's own inaccuracies. It is in plentiful supply and is very cheap.
For Chieftain Mks.1, 2 and 3 without skirts. There will be a separate set for later marks which had different skirt hangers.

20 Skirt outrigger (6)
21 Skirt outrigger mount (6)
22 Front skirt outrigger (2)
110 Skirt hangers (16)

SMM3560S1 Chieftain Sideskirt Outriggers and Hangers

SKU: SMM3560S1
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