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For AFV Club Centurions
Full set of 24 wheels – with 3 holes

For Amusing Hobby kits, the axle holes have to be drilled wider and the Amusing axles shortened.


Some Centurions were not equipped with the wheels as depicted in the AFV Club kits with 6 holes around the rims. In many instances, some tanks had a mixture of wheels both with and without any holes (SMM3552W).

Original production wheels only had 3 holes, as in this set. These appeared right from the start on A41, Mks.1, 2 and 3, and possibly also Mk.5s (converted from Mk.3s).  These 3-hole wheels were replaced at some point by solid wheels. It is not known when or why the change-over happened, nor the reason for having holes in the first place. One reason for the change could be that different suppliers were sought who preferred a simpler production solution, and the holes disappeared for a while.

Later on, 6-hole wheels appeared (as depicted in the AFV Club kits – though these need drilling out for a better effect). Very often, individual tanks could be seen with a mixture of two or more different style wheels. 6-hole wheels were carried over onto Chieftain (identical apart from hubs), once again often alongside solid wheels.The AFV Club vinyl tyres from the kits – or the SMM3552T resin tyres – fit easily.

SMM3553W Centurion Early Road Wheels 3-hole

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