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For Amusing Hobby kits, the axle holes have to be drilled wider and the Amusing axles shortened.

Some Centurions are not equipped with the wheels as depicted in the AFV Club kits – with six holes around the rims. In many instances, some tanks will have a mixture of wheels with and without holes.
These alternative wheels – without the holes around the rim – were introduced in the later 1950s. These are for those who would like to ring the changes and add a bit of variety.

This is not a complete set of 24 wheels. They are intended as a mix-and-match set for use alongside the kit wheels, so you can do as you please. For a full set, you will need two sets.

As you can see below, the AFV Club vinyl tyres – or the SMM3552T resin tyres – fit easily.

SMM3552W Centurion Interim Wheels (without holes)

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