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(3D-Printed)   For AFV Club and Amusing Hobby Centurions

Ideally, you will need magnifying glasses of some description for attaching the handles!!
The handles need to be cut from the base with a NEW, sharp blade. Use tweezers to pick them up.
The stubs on the bases are designed for the holes in the SMM3541 Sideskirt sets (which have these handles included).
However, these ARE INTENDED JUST for the hull boxes and the turret (50 supplied, so plenty to spare).
To fit the handles, mark their location on the kit before removing them.
Clean up the handle bases to remove the stub on the stubs using a small sanding stick, and attach with tweezers and PVA white glue which allows time to move and align them.

SMM3541G Centurion Tie-down Handles

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