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Any Mark    (3D-Printed)   For AFV Club Centurions

The AFV Club kit handles are incredibly delicate and prone to breakage when cleaning up. This is nothing like as scary as using the delicate AFV Club handles. Amusing Hobby handles are moulded on, so will need to be carefully removed.
30 handles are supplied, so there are plenty to spare depending on the version of your Centurion.
Ideally, you will need magnifying glasses of
some description for attaching the handles!!
These handles can be pushed off the base with your finger tips. If not, use a sharp knife.
The stubs on the bases are designed for the SMM3552L/M and 3553B/C sets (which have these handles included).
Where indicated by the holes in the plastic kit, use a pin to gently puncture the plastic kit deck.
Do not drill. It will slip!
Using tweezers, position them in the holes.
Use a gloss varnish like Future Klear to ‘glue’ them in place and align them vertically. It is a quick, easy operation.

SMM3541F Centurion Engine Deck Handles

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