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35th Anniversary of the Falklands Campaign

This set is designed to be used in conjunction with either: CK3504 Scorpion Backdate set OR CK3505 Scimitar Backdate set. As an alternative, any of the recent SMM sets can also be used (SMM3509-3514).


This is a conversion set to model one of the eight machines that took part in the Falklands War which started on 2 April 1982 when Argentina invaded the islands.
It was not until 21 May that British forces arrived and were able to land around San Carlos Water to begin the recapture of the islands (Operation Sutton). Four Scorpions and four Scimitars from The Blues and Royals took part (divided into two troops, Troops 3 and 4, with two Scorpions and two Scimitars each) plus a single Samson recovery vehicle. At first, they found themselves ferrying general stores forward before taking on a more offensive role with 2 Para at Bluff Cove. On the night of 11/12 June, the Scorpions took part in the offensive on Mount Longdon. 3 Troop supported 2 Para when they attacked Wireless Ridge on 13/14 June. 4 Troop gave fire support to the Scots Guards as they attacked Mount Tumbledown. Following the ceasefire, four CVR(T)s led 2 Para into Stanley carrying the Regimental flag. The Scorpions had fired an average of 60 rounds apiece and the Scimitars over 100 rounds each.

HKCW CK3515 CVR(T) Scorpion and Scimitar Falklands War Conversion Set

SKU: CK3515
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