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The Centurion was one of the most famous British tanks, starting development in 1943 and still in limited service to the present day. It was widely exported to friendly armies and evolved through thirteen different marks in British service. Over 4,400 were produced. Its main armament evolved from the QF 17-pdr, through the 20-pdr, to the superlative L7 105 mm gun.
Many countries employed Centurions for decades and many Centurion versions have seen service with all the armies it served in. Scorpion Miniature Models have created this first volume in a series of modelling resource books, designed to encourage modellers to build every major version of the iconic Centurion tank.
In this first volume, modellers with a serious interest in Centurion will find a wealth of information and inspiration in Ian Wrights’ models, illustrating the first five marks in great detail. Ian Wright is a modeller who has dedicated a large part of his time over the past decade to modelling British post-war tanks. Ian’s incredible models span the first decade of the Centurion’s evolution.
Each build documents the necessary changes to represent the original – while listing the pertinent conversion sets available from Scorpion Miniature Models. Ian’s craftsmanship is presented in a readable style with a selection of excellent reference photos.
From the original A41 prototypes of 1945, the Mk.1 and Mk.2 developed in the late 1940s, the Korean War-era Mk.3, right up to the Australian Army Mk.5/1 deployed in Vietnam, Ian has presented a selection of conversions based on the Platz, AFV Club and Tamiya 1/35th scale kits. Each build is presented in chronological order, unpainted to show every detail modification.
For the first time, SMM Publishing makes modelling the iconic Centurion accessible to all modellers of all skill levels.

SMMP01 Centurion Modeller's Guide - The Early Marks

  • A4 portrait, 100 pages, softback, full colour throughout. 190 photos. No ISBN
    Recommended retail price £21.50

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