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The early marks of Centurion suffered from a limited operating range of approximately 40 miles using its onboard fuel capacity of 121 gallons. Accordingly, a number of different auxiliary fuel tanks were devised in the late 1940s/early 50s that were attached to the Centurion hull rear plate. The first was created by 7th Armoured Workshops at Fallingbostel in BAOR. It comprised a single oval drum manufactured from ⅛-inch thick plate with a capacity of 60 gallons and was secured by steel straps. It was not possible to jettison the drum once its fuel was consumed.
However, more practical drums evolved. This particular 80-gallon design – offered here – proved more robust than the earlier improvised ones, but collisions at night or in convoys – and reversing into trees or buildings – frequently ruptured the container, often with dire results.
Later on, of course, the Mono-Wheel Trailer (available as MR-35349 from MR Modellbau in Germany) was developed which itself was less than popular with all involved.

SMM3553F Centurion Mk.3 Auxiliary Fuel Tank 8 RTR

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