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This powerpack set has been primarily designed for use with the Jaguar-powered AFV Club Scorpion and Scimitar kits – the only ones available in plastic, at the moment.
The set provides the engine, gearbox, cooling system, ancillaries and new bulkheads, as well as an open hull top with separate deck panels, detailed on both side, so the engine can be fully displayed.
If using the SMM3540 Driver Interior Set companion set, DO NOT USE the bulkheads (parts 1/2/3) from that set. The bulkheads in this set are taller as they do not have to fit under the AFV Club hull.

The intention of this set is to have all the elements in place with the decks removed to display the engine compartment. With some work, the transmission and engine COULD be displayed separately.
The transmission has separate floor mounts which would stay in the hull. The outer discs are also separate and stay fitted to the hull sides.

SMM3551 CVR(T) Jaguar J60 Engine Compartment

SKU: SMM3551
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