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Mainly intended for Scorpion/Scimitar/Challenger 1

Gulf War 1, particularly Operation Desert Storm, saw vehicles carrying a lot of extra crew gear and vehicle spares. This set has been designed primarily for Scorpion (CK3547) and Scimitar (CK3545), but is also applicable to Challenger 1 (SMM3546).

Large ammunition container

Grenade box flat long

Grenade box flat short

Tarpaulin rolls (x2 different)

Back packs (x2)

Spare road wheel

Infantry helmets (x2)

Tank crew helmets (x2)

Respirator bags (x2)

Bedrolls (x4)

Webbing multiple (x2 different)

Webbing single (x3)

Sterling 9 mm SMG

Sterling 9 mm SMG with stock

SA80 rifle (x2)

25 litre oil drum

LAW 80 ATM (stowed)

Small oil can (x2)

SMM3548 Gulf War 1 Stowage Set

SKU: SMM3548
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