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‘Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance, Full-Tracked, Scimitar, Diesel, Mine and Ballistic Protected, 30 mm Gun, Bowman, BGTI’ – to give it the official designation which is a bit of a mouthfull!

In preparation for Operation Telic (Gulf War 2, March 2003), underbelly mine protection was introduced across the CVR(T) family. By this time, all Scimitars had already gone through the LEP conversion (CK3517) to Cummins diesel power with sights upgraded to either ESPIRE (CK3516), or BGTI (CK3518) in the majority of cases, as well as Bowman radio (CK3519). The underbelly mine protection (SMM3529) was the first step in improving the vehicle’s protection which later included the introduction of the Israeli-developed perforated armour from the Plasan company.


This is the first combi-kit from HKCW and SMM which includes most of the above-mentioned sets (ESPIRE not included) from both companies – including the improved Scimitar turret (CK3522) – plus a completely new PE Plasan set designed by Tetra Model Works, additional SMM resin fittings, plus parts from the AFV Club Scimitar kit – all in one box.

HKCW CK3530 CVR(T) Scimitar, Plasan, BGTI

SKU: CK3530
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