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This is a conversion set to backdate the Takom FV432 M.2/1 kit into a Mk.1.
FV432 Mk.1 (petrol-engined Rolls-Royce B81) entered service with the British Army in 1963, followed by the Mk.2 (diesel-engined Rolls-Royce K60) in 1965. They have both been used by most arms of the British Army in numerous variants.
Both versions served alongside each other until about 1994 when the Mk.1 was withdrawn from service. 600 were built.
The biggest changes to backdate the Takom Mk.2 to the Mk.1 exerior are different engine covers and the exhaust system on the roof. The NBC unit on the right side is also very different (inside and out), as are jettisonable fuel tanks on the rear.
This set is intended for use with a series of others to build into a complete FV432 Mk.1.
This SMM3532 Exterior Set allows you to build the basic vehicle without an interior or flotation gear.
The SMM3533 Interior Set adds an accurate replacement interior with different engine covers and a Larkspur radio set-up.
The SMM3534 Flotation Set provides the collapsed screens, trim vane and side skirts to complete the Mk.1 FV432. This set can also be used to produce an early FV432 Mk.2 alongside SMM3535 which provides the early NBC unit and new hull side.

SMM3532 FV432 Mk.1 Exterior Set

SKU: SMM3532
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