15/19 The Kings Royal Hussars Scorpions

February 10, 2016

These were all taken in West Germany 1982/83 on various exercises. Those on the ranges are from Hohne. The wagons are all C Squadron, 15/19 The Kings Royal Hussars, my old regiment. There are a few pics of my old wagon 03FD01 (which I'll be building from the kit now I have a decent front deck) and was quite unique in that it had a wooden surround about 2 inches by 2 inches all along the sponson plate to stop it being bent when it got bumped. It also had extensions on the gun crutch which held the gun in the horizontal and allowed the driver to see to the front right with the gun in the crutch. Both mods were the only ones I ever saw on a Scorpion, and I understand that they were done as a trial when the wagon was "Scorpoled". As I said in my email before, we also had 02FD57 as well as 03FD88 and 03FD10 - this vehicle is now a Sabre and is running about on YouTube!

All of our vehicles had been through the Scorpole upgrade process so no flotation screens were fitted and no sand shields.

Pretty much all had Chieftain long bins down the driver’s side and a lot had Saracen battery bins fitted to the turret, and occasionally cut down Chieftain bins and the odd ammo box. A lot of us carried sprocket rings bolted to the front louvres over the radiator. We also fitted thin metal sheets over the gunner’s sight to act as a sunshade and also made a great place to butter bread! We occasionally had a water bottle, and a spare idler fitted to the rear basket and a Chieftain small bin (as included in the Revell kit) on one or both sides of the turret back bin, sometimes a wire bin to carry the bivvy. This was fitted on one side too (made from a cut down basket from a Spartan). We also used part of the original side bin on the exhaust side of the wagon to stow the cam net, normally weighted down with a couple of spare track links.

Smoke grenade launchers rarely had the rubber covers on them, but the barrel cover was always fitted except when we were on the ranges.

All carried the standard green/black scheme which was resprayed every couple of years. Wheels and sprockets in our regiment were all plain green, no camouflage pattern and never plain black.

The spare sprocket rings, spare road wheels and idlers we carried were either semi-gloss bronze green or the olive green colour. Occasionally, red primer was visible on the worn sprockets on the front deck where the paint had been worn from walking on it.

I'll let you know what I think of the kit when I start building it - I only wanted it for the front deck but I will use the suspension and probably the hatches. The only issue I can see with it is that the reinforcing ring around the barrel tip is a bit thick, but I'll be adding a cover so no big deal. The barrel is an improvement on the Revell version as it has a good representation of the canvas cover.

Paul Alderton


























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