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This is a conversion set to model the Sabre, based on the AFV Club Scimitar kit (not the Scorpion).
Sabre was a hybrid vehicle introduced as a less expensive way of producing a similar vehicle to the FV107 Scimitar. It entered service in 1995. This was achieved by combining surplus Scorpion hulls and Fox turrets (both vehicles having been retired by this time) which had the same 30 mm Rarden gun as the Scimitar. As the turret ring diameters were different, an adapter collar was needed negating the Fox turret’s lower-silhouette advantage. Some 136 saw service according to official sources of the British Army. It performed peace-keeping missions in the former Yugoslavia with IFOR and KFOR and possibly saw limited service during the Iraq War in 2003.
The marriage of the Fox turret and Scorpion chassis was not particularly successful, and Sabre was withdrawn from British Army service in 2004.

SMM3528 CVR(T) Sabre Conversion Set

SKU: SMM3528
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